Health Screening

Health Screening helps give you and your GP an overview of your general health at a particular age. It also helps to identify risk factors (for cardiovascular disease and diabetes) which may cause health issues in the future, allowing a ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach to your health. The great thing about health screening being provided by Your GP is that ongoing care and new treatment can be performed from the comfort of your very own GP practice.

Available Tests

Blood pressure
Uncontrolled BP can lead to heart or kidney disease and stroke

Height and Weight
Calculation of Body Mass Index BMI

Waist and Hip Ratio
Indicates and measures the risk of developing certain health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes

Blood tests
Fasting Glucose, Fasting Cholesterol/Lipid profile, Renal, Liver Bone profiles, Thyroid profile, Full Blood Count, Prostate level for men over 40

Urine tests
To investigate kidney/urinary tract problems such as infections

Lung function
Spirometry to evaluate lungs function/to assess existing asthma

Vision test
To check near and far vision

Resting Electrocardiograph
Measures the electrical conduction and pulses of the heart. Onward referral to cardiologist if necessary

Male Physical Examination
Testicular examination.

Female Physical Examination
Breast Exam.

Cervical Cancer Screening
Cervical Check smear test if due with Cervical Check. Please inform reception as additional time required. 

Colorectal Cancer Screening
Faecal occult blood test.Please bring stool sample on day of appointment. 

Prostate Digital rectal Exam
Screens the prostate gland in conjunction with the PSA blood tests.

Health and lifestyle consultation
Advice on cardiovascular risk prevention and the relevant lifestyle advice on weight, diet, exercise, smoking and alcohol in conjunction with Q Risk cardiovascular risk assessment which is a well-established cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk score, in use since 2009, which is designed to identify people at high risk of developing CVD.

Packages Available

Male/Female Health Screening: The above relevant tests performed by the Practice Nurse with a physical assessment by the GP. The GP will discuss all aspects of the examination on the day and the Practice Nurse will provide a follow up telephone call with blood results and will suggest any action required. 

Time: 60 mins in total
Cost: €210